Thursday, June 15, 2006

It was bound to happen

Alright, so today was a bit of a tough game. The weather was a bit lousy and our play, well...let's just say we were unlucky and maybe just a tad bit off.

It was extremely unlucky that the wind was playing havoc with the ball. Our arms would be perfectly positioned to bump the ball to the middle setter when suddenly a gust of wind, spawned by the mighty Apollo himself, queered its course leaving us futilely flailing at the vanishing sphere.

It was also unlucky that our voices would yell out for the ball only to find our possessed arms deviously laying helplessly at our sides. Fiendish flippers!

The serve was our bright spot today. Most all of the balls we hit went floating over flawlessly to the other side of the net. But the opponents were tough. It was as if Karch Kiraly was right there with them. They got to every ball that was even close. And they even got lucky with some balls they had to dive for. It's a wonder we scored even half the number of points we did. In the end, we fought valiantly but lost 0 games to 3. It was our first loss of the season.

I for one am glad we only had to play three against these titans. But I can't wait to meet them in the playoffs. This is where the Tribe shines. Regular season is for playing. The playoffs, that's for winning.

Mayday (Bad Girl) Mckenzie and I won't be attending next weeks match-up. I know it will be tough but you guys can beat Oooooohhhhh!! Nice name. Do you think they were trying to get noticed by Oprah? Go crush 'em Tribe.

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Adler's Mom said...

We totally stunk up the court. Good thing we were playing outside!