Thursday, July 20, 2006


This is my first blog ever and I now feel accepted to this new high-tech geek club - ha! The Urban Tribe played their little hearts out tonight and won 2 out of 3 games with our special guest player, Chris from Alberto-Culver. Each player on our team had accurate and consistent hitting, you can tell we are going to shine during the playoffs!

As for the second-half of the evening we all went to a new location for our victory food and spirits. This location was Four Farthings Tavern. The night was beautiful and we enjoyed our drinks while we waited for them to call our table. 20 minutes turned into 30 and then the guy that took our named disappeared too! We sat down soon after that to see that we were very under dressed to be ordering $30 steak dinners or fancy seafood dishes. Our five pieces of bread and small glasses of water arrived and were quickly consumed. After additional 20 minutes of waiting we had not even seen our waiter which caused us to get up and leave. So as you can see from the title of this blog, and as you hear Perry scream before each serve, this
Urban Tribe blog was about "Service" or lack there of.

P.S. We all ended up going to Blue Line Tavern and enjoyed our great dinner and drinks while watching Poseidon Adventure on the TV. See you at playoffs!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

You know what? F*** that!

That's how I feel about last week's game. The Tribe ran up against a team featuring Karch Kiraly masquerading as a rec-league beach volleyball player. Even so, the Tribe gutted out the games and almost pulled off the upset of the season.

Mayday (a.k.a. Radar) made her comeback in the first game after a brief stint on the DL the week before and promptly dived for a ball. That's right. Bad shoulder (with rumors spreading around the wigwam about a potential reinjury to the shoulder involving a bar stool and gravity), and Shannon is diving for digs by the lake. Would it kill Mark to dive once? Just asking.

The Tribe hung in tough during the first game with Chris digging, err I mean kicking, the ball over the net to keep a volley alive, but Karch and Company eked out a victory with a late run. The second game featured a Focker spike by Perry off the girl in the front row. No blood like in the movies, sports fans, and Karch's team somehow pulled out the point and the game despite the statement spike by the Joggler. No sweep here, though, folks. Solid play from Tom, Brian, Karyn (who played to the crowd with the return of her patented kick bump) and Lisa get the Tribe a W in the third game.

The post-game walk to Stanley's featured a failed science experiment by Mark with Mentos and Diet Coke. Not even an Argonne nuclear physicist passerby could save this science fair gone wrong.

Where to begin with the dinner at Stanley's? Water that tasted like it had been spiked with toxic chemicals. Cold macaroni and cheese. No cold Pabst. Ahh, but they still have the Drive-In Burger and peanuts.

Resolved, methane does not smell. Let the debate begin and on to the next game.

Monday, July 03, 2006

From the sidelines

Due to my shoulder injury (review last post for more details) I was relegated to the sidelines this week. I really enjoy playing beach volleyball so I was disappointed to be sitting this one out. Luckily, we were able to pull off a win despite being short three people - myself, Lisa and Mark. Brian helped out by bringing a sub, Megan, a fellow Sara Lee co-worker.

It was a lovely day at the beach - sunny, warm and not too windy. I was a little annoyed at the beginning as the other team was playing with four boys and two girls which isn't really fair (especially since they had an available girl on the sidelines!). They asked the Chicago Social Club worker about the rules and she simply said "I'm not sure, seems okay to me - it's just rec." Thanks a lot. However, despite our shady opponents, our team battled and we were able to pull off two victories. Lots of good serving from the team - Perry's serve was particularly tough for the other team to manage. Karyn seemed to be getting her serve back as well! Some good hits from Chris, Tom and Brian - Chris had a particularly good game. Great job team!

While we all were in a celebratory mood, there was a only a small group of us heading out for post-volleyball fun. Karyn and Tom had another obligation and our sub didn't want to stick around either. Chris suggested Bricks Chicago for some pizza and beer so we decided to try something a little different. We engaged in a lively conversation covering politics and civil liberties despite the loudmouths at the table across from us. Overall, a good evening! Lets hope we can keep up our winning ways next week. Go Tribe!