Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Playoffs? Next week.

Since the only thing that anyone is talking about these days is the weather...I feel it's important to note that due to the weather, the Urban Tribe could not play last Thursday. Oh wait, was it the weather or was it the lack of coordination by Chicago Sport & Social in announcing that it was canceled?
The weather line had not been updated for over a week, the mailbox was "unable to accept messages" and someone didn't return the poles for the south court! What is one to do? A few of us made the trek to the courts by way of car, bus, taxi, train, etc, but it was all for nothing. Despite the return of the sun at exactly 6:30 pm, the courts weren't ready. But that's probably because the Sport & Social people were sending out an email to everyone at 6:40pm -- I guess they live by cliche "better late than never!"

The Shauertes, Romanowskis and Lisa represented the Tribe at Goose Island instead, where Shannon had to order "more beer" to cool her buffalo sauce stinging tongue and Lisa had to dissect every word of an email sent to her by a cute boy. At this time, a decision was made that the Urban Tribe would return to the kickball field this fall led by GM, Mark and Coach Perry. Stay tuned for more details and the tryout schedule!

(P.S. sorry about the photo, ladies, but I knew I'd get the boys attention at least!)