Sunday, July 09, 2006

You know what? F*** that!

That's how I feel about last week's game. The Tribe ran up against a team featuring Karch Kiraly masquerading as a rec-league beach volleyball player. Even so, the Tribe gutted out the games and almost pulled off the upset of the season.

Mayday (a.k.a. Radar) made her comeback in the first game after a brief stint on the DL the week before and promptly dived for a ball. That's right. Bad shoulder (with rumors spreading around the wigwam about a potential reinjury to the shoulder involving a bar stool and gravity), and Shannon is diving for digs by the lake. Would it kill Mark to dive once? Just asking.

The Tribe hung in tough during the first game with Chris digging, err I mean kicking, the ball over the net to keep a volley alive, but Karch and Company eked out a victory with a late run. The second game featured a Focker spike by Perry off the girl in the front row. No blood like in the movies, sports fans, and Karch's team somehow pulled out the point and the game despite the statement spike by the Joggler. No sweep here, though, folks. Solid play from Tom, Brian, Karyn (who played to the crowd with the return of her patented kick bump) and Lisa get the Tribe a W in the third game.

The post-game walk to Stanley's featured a failed science experiment by Mark with Mentos and Diet Coke. Not even an Argonne nuclear physicist passerby could save this science fair gone wrong.

Where to begin with the dinner at Stanley's? Water that tasted like it had been spiked with toxic chemicals. Cold macaroni and cheese. No cold Pabst. Ahh, but they still have the Drive-In Burger and peanuts.

Resolved, methane does not smell. Let the debate begin and on to the next game.


Perry said...

Nice post Mark! Welcome to the Urban Tribe blog contributor's roll.

Adler's Mom said...

I'd say that's a sports report for ya....we'll miss you and your reporting at the next game.

Mayday said...

Good work Mark - excellent title for this post.